Andy Paige

Andy Paige

Andy Paige is the genius, creative force behind international best selling products, books, television shows and celebrity-making images. Andy is the inventor of the GirlyGoGarter®, GlitzyGoGarter®, and UnderWraps™, which hold 19 patents and are available in over 20 countries and 6200 retailers. Andy exercised all of her style, business, marketing and inventive skills launching the line of award-winning products that solve a multitude of problems and can be found in use from Hollywood red carpets to the White House. Her bestselling book, Style On A Shoestring, available in three languages in 14 countries, solidified her “Budget Bombshell” status and offered a celebrated guide to millions of women who watched hundreds of her makeovers on shows such as NBC’s Starting Over, TLC’s Ten Years Younger, STYLE Network’s How Do I Look, SOAPNET’s Soap Talk, A&E’s Cents of Style and countless local network style and makeover segments. You could also see Andy exercise her style muscles on NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice where she oversaw hair, makeup and wardrobe for Donald Trump’s vast cast of celebrity characters.

In addition to the CEO duties for her two companies, Andy Paige, Inc. & Andy Paige Style, Inc., Andy continues to inspire thousands of I HEART RADIO and CONNOISSEUR syndicated radio listeners all over the country each week with playful and entertaining beauty and style tips. You may have read her advice in the pages of Woman’s Day, First, Cutting Edge, Soap Opera Digest, Atlanta Magazine, Drug Store News, the National Inquirer, InTouch, US Weekly, Pageant, Gift Store News and countless websites including her own

A celebrated, funny and interactive speaker, Andy has engaged hundreds of live audiences as large as 5,000 from coast to coast, inspiring women as an inventor/entrepreneur and celebrity stylist. Much of Andy’s gumption and know-how comes from her years as a Ford and Wilhelmina Model, a professional fit model working with more than 40 designers, a trained makeup artist and her broad education including a master’s degree from the New School University in New York. Andy’s passion for her work shines brightly. She is a “sweet force of originality” destined to create, invent and entertain as she helps women around the world "look like a million without spending a fortune."


What is the GirlyGoGarter® and how does it work?

The GirlyGoGarter® is a smart, sexy innovation in functional lingerie, made of two-way stretch microfiber with latex-free patented GentleFlex™ grippers, invented and developed by celebrity beauty & style expert Andy Paige. It was more than 5 years in the making and involves at least 19 patents (we weren't kidding about the innovation part)! For more about the GirlyGoGarter®, how it works, what you can carry in it, and who it's designed for, visit the About page. For more about Andy Paige, check out her bio.

What's my size?

The GirlyGoGarter® is designed to fit women's sizes 0-24. Our sizing is based on USA standard ladies' pants sizes. So, if you wear a size 10 in dress pants, you would wear a size M GirlyGoGarter®.  If you want to wear your garter higher on your thigh, you may need a larger size than if you choose to wear your garter closer to your knee.

***If you're unsure about your size, go smaller, as our garters stretch up to 4 inches.***

The garter should fit snugly! The sizing chart goes like this:

GirlyGoGarter® Size USA Ladies' Pants Size ~ Length
Small 0 - 8 14" / stretches to 23" (35 cm / 58 cm)
Medium 8 - 16 16" / stretches to 25" (40 cm / 63 cm)
Large 16 - 24 22" / stretches to 33" ( 55 cm / 83 cm)

How do I wear it so it doesn't slip down?

1. Put the GirlyGoGarter® on your clean, lotion-free, bare thigh (or over fishnet hosiery).

2. Stretch the garter tight around your thigh and secure it with the Velcro at the back of your leg.

3. Load your necessities in the easy-access or lock-flap pockets.


X Don't try to wear the GirlyGoGarter® over nylons, pantyhose or pants - it won't stay put unless it's gripping your bare skin.

X Don't put lotion on your leg before putting on the GirlyGoGarter®.  Anything between the grippers and your clean, bare leg will cause the garter to slip down.

X Don't close the Velcro and then pull the GirlyGoGarter® up your leg like a stocking. It won't stay up unless you stretch the grippers around your thigh AND THEN attach the Velcro tightly.

For more information, check out the Instructional Video.

How do I take care of it?

Lotions or oils on your skin can reduce the "stickiness" of our patented GentleFlex™ grippers. Simply wipe grippers with a cotton ball soaked in rubbing alcohol to return them to their original grip.

GirlyGoGarters® can be hand-washed or put in the washing machine on the delicate cycle. GlitzyGoGarters® must ONLY be hand-washed - never put in the washing machine. Also, NEVER put any of our garters in the dryer, as this will ruin the patented grippers.

As with any beaded garment, beads may occasionally fall off the GlitzyGoGarter® from time to time with regular wear.  This is normal and not preventable, though careful care and hand-washing will minimize the loss.  


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30-Day money-back guarantee and return policy

Andy and all of us at Andy Paige Style, Inc. are committed to providing the highest quality products and the best customer service around. Each GirlyGoGarter® is constructed with materials hand-picked by Andy for comfort, style, and durability. We want you to be 100% thrilled with your purchase. If for any reason you aren't, we will gladly accept exchanges of color/size of unworn, unwashed garters, or provide a full refund for defective products, within 30 days of receipt (confirmed by tracking).

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