Rhonda Britten

I officially ditched my purse, and now I wear the GirlyGoGarter®! It's got my phone, my keys, allergy medicine, my credit cards, everything. I don't leave the house without it, I am seriously hooked!

— Rhonda Britten, Emmy award-winning TV Host

Cathy Capogna

I ordered the GirlyGoGarter® when I heard about it on Star 105.7. The hosts were talking about how original, innovative and creative the idea is. I ordered 2 for myself. I was delighted with how well it works, as it really is difficult to carry a purse all the time and the GirlyGoGarter® truly fits the bill. I was so impressed, I decided to purchase one for each woman of my family as Christmas gifts. I think they will all be quite intrigued and pleasantly surprised when they try them out. Andy, you have come up with an amazing invention!!

— Cathy Capogna

Kate Webb

Andy, I've always loved the products you've put together (from the kimono to the Accessory Suites™). I was hesitant to order the GGG because my thighs are big and I've never had any luck keeping thigh highs to stay in place. But trusting you, I ordered my GGG and packed it for my vacation to St Kitts. Holy Hootie! I LOVE THIS THING! It was perfect to keep my valuables out of sight while on daily tours, to keep my extra winnings secure at the casino, and to keep my husband from lugging my stuff around. It stayed in place and fit great. And just to show off a little, I took a shot of your great invention with Air Force 1 today (after I got all of the White House staff ladies hooked on how cool the GGG is). THANKS ANDY!

— Kate Webb, White House staffer

Whitney Babineaux

What a great day!! The GGG preformed beautifully! It's (New Orleans) JazzFest approved!

— Whitney Babineaux

The GirlyGoGarter® caught my interest not only because it enables me to go out purseless once in a while, but also because it serves as a secure holder for my insulin pump and some extra supplies. Needless to say, the GirlyGoGarter® is great for people with diabetes. This past week I put it through a series of rigorous tests that included a night of dancing and cocktails, a jog by the lake and a typical day at the office. I'm happy to say that the GirlyGoGarter® surpassed my expectations.

— Alyssa Tangerine

I have posted on Facebook many times and even in the diabetic chat room about your product. Loving it. I bought two from Diabetes Express and I adore your product. Thank you! As a diabetic, I put my insulin pump in it and it works well and is discrete.

— Lucie Lapalme

Staff of Marie Osmond Show

— Marie Osmond Show staff

Meg Lousteau

— Meg Lousteau

— Andy & friends in Westport, MA

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Product Review: The GirlyGoGarter®

The GirlyGoGarter® Claims to Be a Go-to for Any Active Gal - but Does it Hold Up?

By Katherine Canipe, Yahoo Contributor Network

A couple of weeks ago, I received a free GirlyGoGarter® (it was an audience giveaway at a talk show I was attending the taping of). The website describes the product as a "sexy, hands-free, pocketed garter that adheres to the upper thigh with silicone treads," and boasts that it can "carry up to three pounds, even dancing." It was created for girls on the go to use in lieu of a big purse, and is built to wear under a dress or skirt. I took my GirlyGoGarter® out for a spin yesterday while shopping - read on to see how it held up!

Putting It On

The GirlyGoGarter® is pretty self-explanatory - in contrast to other garters (which you would simply slip over the foot and up the leg), it attaches with velcro, and then stays put with patented silicone treads on the inside that prevent slippage back down the thigh. I found it to be really comfortable to put on, and it remained comfortable throughout the time I wore it (about 4 hours). I wanted to utilize all 4 pockets, so I put my cell phone, my debit card and ID, my key fob to my car, and some chapstick separately into the GirlyGoGarter®'s compartments. Everything fit inside perfectly (even my cell phone, which is an iPhone with a case); the material is soft and strong, and my stuff stayed put. Bonus: I felt a bit like a sexy spy with all that equipment strapped to my thigh. Rawr.

Bashful Girls Beware: Using the GirlyGoGarter® In Public

I'm guessing if you're purchasing one of these, this won't be a problem for you, but just in case: putting anything into or retrieving anything out of the GirlyGoGarter® in public may elicit some stares. You have to hike up your dress or skirt all the way to the top of the garter in order to gain access to anything in there (see picture of my leg above), and if people see you doing it, eyes will widen, as I learned the hard way. I was shopping at Goodwill for a dress to wear as a zombie for a film shoot I had coming up (that story for another day), and I realized once I had the dress in hand that I would have to get my debit card out somehow...oops! If you don't relish the idea of exposing that much leg in public, though, a quick trip to the bathroom would solve this problem.

The Verdict

I'm really happy with this product. It's probably not something I would have gone in search of, but now that I've used it, I know I'll use it again. It stayed put and comfortable while I got in and out of my car and for a few hours of walking around, shopping, and trying on lots of clothes, all of this while the GirlyGoGarter® was chock full of stuff. I didn't feel like my phone and other items were weighing it down at all. The only uncomfortable part of the whole ordeal was feeling naked without a purse! Only one word of warning - if you're wearing a dress or skirt with thin or clingy material, anything lumpy you put in the garter is going to show through - if you're worried about that, you can just put your cell phone/other bulky items toward your inner thigh to minimize visibility.

P.S. I was not asked to review this product; I'm doing it of my own volition. GirlyGoGarter® creator/fashion guru Andy Paige gave them out for free with a smile!