SAND & SEA Accessory Suite™

$ 59.50

SAND & SEA Andy Paige Style® Accessory Suite™ hits many accessory trends, like Chanel quilting, structured bags, top handles, cluster jewelry, enamel, and gold accents - and it allows your wardrobe and all of the wonderful colors that you have collected over the past few seasons to really be showcased by framing them with luxe neutrals.

SAND & SEA details:

Handbag -

  • white sand colored quilted faux leather
  • Heavy polished gold hardware
  • 19" wide X 12" tall X 6" deep
  • 16" top handle
  • 40" adjustable shoulder strap
  • Clasp-top closure
  • 2 outside zipper pockets
  • Two inside zipper pocket and 2 open pockets

Bracelet Cluster -

  • 14 total bracelets (12 standard size bangles and 2 elastic bracelets)
  • 6 heavy gold-tone bangles
  • 6 enamel coated bangles (2 cream, 2 taupe, 2 caramel)
  • 1 white and gold beaded elastic bracelet
  • 1 white faceted and pronged elastic bracelet

Earrings -

  • 2" cream enamel oval bars
  • Gold details and casings
  • Traditional post and back closure

Necklace -

  • 36" gold-tone chain
  • 1.5" circular cream enamel disk featuring a gold sea star
  • Earth-tone gold gem charm

Getting a great fit

1. Put the GirlyGoGarter® on your clean, lotion-free, bare thigh (or over fishnet hosiery).

2. Stretch the garter tight around your thigh and secure it with the Velcro at the back of your leg.

3. Load your necessities in the pockets.


X Don't try to wear the GirlyGoGarter® over nylons, pantyhose or pants - it won't stay put unless it's gripping your bare skin.

X Don't put lotion on your leg before putting on the GirlyGoGarter®.  Anything between the grippers and your clean, bare leg will cause the garter to slip down.

X Don't close the Velcro and then pull the GirlyGoGarter® up your leg like a stocking. It won't stay up unless you stretch the grippers around your thigh AND THEN attach the Velcro tightly.

For more information, check out the Instructional Video.

Wash & Care

Lotions or oils on your skin can reduce the "stickiness" of our patented GentleFlex™ grippers. Simply wipe grippers with a cotton ball soaked in rubbing alcohol to return them to their original grip.

GirlyGoGarters® can be hand-washed or put in the washing machine on the delicate cycle. GlitzyGoGarters® must ONLY be hand-washed - never put in the washing machine. Also, NEVER put any of our garters in the dryer, as this will ruin the patented grippers.

What's my size?

The GirlyGoGarter® is designed to fit sizes 0-24. Our sizing is based on USA standard ladies' pants sizes. So, if you wear a size 10 in slacks, you would wear a size M GirlyGoGarter®.

***If you're unsure about your size, go smaller, as our garters stretch up to 4 inches.***

The garter should fit snugly! The sizing chart goes like this:

GirlyGoGarter® SizeUSA Ladies' Pants Size
Small (size 3)0 - 8
Medium (size 2)8 - 16
Large (size 1)16 - 24

For more information and approximate length (inches/cm), see our FAQs.