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GirlyGoGarter Flask


Perfect for GAMEDAY or girls' night out,
dancing, at the office, at the beach - with FREE SHIPPING!

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The NEW GirlyGoGarter® flask fits perfectly - Just $20!
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The ONLY garter with pockets that securely holds as much as your purse!
Bridal Collection GlitzyGoGarter


The garter with pockets that holds as much as your purse - now with gorgeous beaded detail, perfect for special occasions!

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Patented GentleFlex™ Grippers hold up to 3 lbs without slipping!
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Sizes 0-18 and FREE SHIPPING!
Voted Best Accessory
Voted Best Stocking Stuffer


As Seen on TV

GentleFlex™ Grippers

Patented Technology
GentleFlex Grippers

The GirlyGoGarter® adheres to the thigh with secure, patented GentleFlex™ Grippers and closes with baby-soft, size adjusting Velcro. Our patented grippers can hold up to 3 pounds, which makes the GirlyGoGarter® the perfect thigh garter for a flask, an insulin pump, your passport and valuables, your smartphone - it's a complete hands-free purse for your leg!


Our Happy Customers

"The GirlyGoGarter® is a gift to women everywhere. It's a sexy thigh garter with pockets that holds everything your purse holds. Mine has my money, keys, lipstick, hand sanitizer, credit cards, phone... everything I would normally carry, but I've got it hands-free now in this brilliant leg purse!”
- Rhonda Britten, EMMY award-winning TV celebrity

Andy Paige

Andy Paige

"I created the GirlyGoGarter® to comfortably hold my mic-pack for TV appearances, but soon, everyone I knew wanted one! Our customers use it to carry insulin pumps, as a bridal/wedding garter with pockets, as a flask garter for bridesmaids, as a hands-free evening purse, as a super-secure passport wallet for traveling, and more!"
- Andy Paige

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