What's The Difference Between The GirlyGoGarter®, GlitzyGoGarter®, & Underwraps™?

The UnderWraps™ is the simpler, more economical version of our original GirlyGoGarter®. UnderWraps™ come in only two sizes and two colors, whereas the GirlyGoGarter® comes in 3 sizes and 9 awesome colors. Both garters use our patented GentleFlex™ grippers; but the GirlyGoGarter® has more of them, allowing it to carry more weight than the UnderWraps™. Finally, the GirlyGoGarter® uses a slightly higher-grade microfiber lace. We love both products, and they both let you carry your essentials and keep your hands free!

The GlitzyGoGarter® is the same exceptional product as the GirlyGoGarter®, with the addition of gorgeous, hand set Aurora Borealis crystal beads - a touch more glam for those extra-special occasions.