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Our Best Selling Pocketed Garter

Effortlessly carry your essentials with you.

Underwraps® Bundle 2 for 1 Deal!
Underwraps® Bundle 2 for 1 Deal!
Underwraps® Bundle 2 for 1 Deal!
Underwraps® Bundle 2 for 1 Deal!
Underwraps® Bundle 2 for 1 Deal!
Underwraps® Bundle 2 for 1 Deal!
Underwraps® Bundle 2 for 1 Deal!
Underwraps® Bundle 2 for 1 Deal!
Underwraps® Bundle 2 for 1 Deal!
Underwraps® Bundle 2 for 1 Deal!

Underwraps® Bundle 2 for 1 Deal!

$ 39.95
$ 50.00

A 2-for-1 bundle of our two most popular colors!

Underwraps® is a smart, sexy, lacey garter with pockets that adheres to your upper thigh with patented GentleFlex™ Grippers. There are two types of pockets on Underwraps® - easy-access (on the outside, just within in lace) and lock-flap (on the inside against your thigh). Both types of pockets keep your money, I.D., lip gloss, mobile phone, keys, passport and all of your essentials safe, secure and right at your fingertips.

  • Washable and carries all your necessities.
  • Give every outfit pockets.
  • Perfect for weddings, parties, holidays, costumes, medical needs and more.
  • Features luxurious lingerie-quality lace, silky, moisture-wicking microfiber with patented GentleFlex Grippers
  • Velcro closure
  • Stretches up to 4 inches - choose a smaller size to ensure a secure fit 
  • Used by celebrities, professional athletes, dancers, and women everywhere!

Patented Leg Gripping GentleFlex™ Technology

Skin sticking technology that grips better the longer you wear it!

Lingerie Quality Lace

Soft and durable. Hand wash. Air Dry. 

Adjustable Velcro Sizing

Get the Perfect Fit Every Time.
The only garter that wraps around your leg for a fit that won't slip!

Easy Access Pockets

With Lock-Flap pockets that keep things safe and secure- Pick Pocket Proof to be exact! 

Often Imitated, Never Replicated

The only patented and fully adjustable pocketed garter! 

Holds Everything From Phones, Keys, Wallets & More

Holds up to 2 pounds of stuff!

Wrap Once And Never Adjust Again

Our wrapping tech with patented GentleFlex™ grippers inside keeps your stuff safe, secure, and slip free! 

Pockets That Work At Every Angle 

Lock flap pockets and a key loop make sure nothing gets lost! 

A Size For Every Leg

Fits up to Women's size 16. Use two (one on each leg) to prevent chafing!

Work it, Girl! You Got This! 

Prep Leg

Before you moisturize, apply the garter in the desired location.
Avoid moisturizing the area as it may cause the grippers to not adhere & slip.


Don't worry about making it crazy tight. Our leg grippers will do all the work and keep the garter in place.


Load and Carry On! Festivals, Concerts, Graduations, Weddings, Travel, Medical Needs, and More. It's the sexiest, easiest, and safest way to carry your stuff! 

Our Loyal Customers

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Their Words, Not Ours...

"A lace pocket garter with two rows of pockets to safely hold... pounds of your stuff. Your phone (yes, even big ones), ID, keys, and touch-up makeup will all stay secure while you tear it up on the dance floor in your favorite cocktail dress."

More Than Just A Phone Holder

Imagine keeping all your essentials close—right at your fingertips, in the most elegant way possible.

Parties & Weddings

Mic Pac

Travel & Security

Medical Devices

About The Brand


After 200 episodes of television wearing a hot mic pack attached to the back of my bra or strapped around my waist, hooked to my pants or falling out of my pockets, I started thinking that there must be better way to wear an audio transmitter. The crew of my latest TV show, TLC’s Ten Years Younger, gave me a leg strap, but once I got hot and sweaty, down it went. That thing never stayed up.

While out training for a marathon after filming, I had the idea to cut up a moisture-wicking athletic shirt, attach some hook and eye closures from an old bra, and coat the contraption with hot glue for friction. That night I did a little sewing, and I tried it out the next day on set. Viola! It worked… until I got hot and sweaty and down it went. But my crude prototype did work much better than anything else I had tried. I knew I was on to something.

After 70 tradeshows, the GirlyGoGarter®, the GlitzyGoGarter®, and the Under Wraps® could be found in over 6,500 stores worldwide, including 4200 CVS stores here in the U.S.

 Andy with our Company Icon- Dolly!

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Frequently Asked Questions

For The Days You Can't Carry A Purse

Carry your essentials without compromising your look.


What is the GirlyGoGarter® and how does it work?

The GirlyGoGarter® is a smart, sexy innovation in functional lingerie, made of two-way stretch microfiber with latex-free patented GentleFlex™ grippers, invented and developed by celebrity beauty & style expert Andy Paige. It was more than 5 years in the making and involves at least 19 patents (we weren't kidding about the innovation part)! For more about the GirlyGoGarter®, how it works, what you can carry in it, and who it's designed for, visit the About page. For more about Andy Paige, check out her bio.

What's my size?

The GirlyGoGarter® is designed to fit women's sizes 0-24. Our sizing is based on USA standard ladies' pants sizes. So, if you wear a size 10 in dress pants, you probably wear a size M GirlyGoGarter®.  If you want to wear your garter higher on your thigh, you may need a larger size than if you choose to wear your garter closer to your knee.  

The BEST way to make sure you get the correct size is to measure around your thigh at the location where you plan to wear the garter. 

**If, after measuring, you're still unsure about your size, go smaller, as our garters need to stretch in order to grip.

GirlyGoGarter® Size USA Ladies' Pants Size ~ Length
Small 0 - 6 14" / stretches to 23" (35 cm / 58 cm)
Medium 8 - 14 16" / stretches to 25" (40 cm / 63 cm)
Large 16 - 24 22" / stretches to 33" ( 55 cm / 83 cm)


Small-Medium fits U.S. women's pant sizes 0-8

Medium-Large fits U.S. women's pant sizes 8-16

Determine your pants size, and then decide where on your leg you want to wear the garter (lower = smaller, higher = larger).

What's the difference between the GirlyGoGarter® and the Underwraps™?

The UnderWraps™ is the simpler, more economical version of our original GirlyGoGarter®. UnderWraps™ come in only two different sizes and colors, whereas the GirlyGoGarter® comes in 3 sizes and 9 awesome colors. Both garters use our patented GentleFlex™ grippers; but the GirlyGoGarter® has more of them, allowing it to carry more weight than the UnderWraps™. Finally, the GirlyGoGarter® uses a slightly higher-grade lace. We love both products, and they both let you carry your essentials and keep your hands free!

How do I wear it so it doesn't slip down?

1. Put the GirlyGoGarter® on your clean, lotion-free, bare thigh (or over fishnet hosiery).

2. Stretch the garter tight around your thigh and secure it with the Velcro at the back of your leg.

3. Load your necessities in the easy-access or lock-flap pockets.


X Don't try to wear the GirlyGoGarter® over nylons, pantyhose or pants - it won't stay put unless it's gripping your bare skin.

X Don't put lotion on your leg before putting on the GirlyGoGarter®.  Anything between the grippers and your clean, bare leg will cause the garter to slip down.

X Don't close the Velcro and then pull the GirlyGoGarter® up your leg like a stocking. It won't stay up unless you stretch the grippers around your thigh AND THEN attach the Velcro tightly.

How do I take care of it?

Lotions or oils on your skin can reduce the "stickiness" of our patented GentleFlex™ grippers. Simply wipe grippers with a cotton ball soaked in rubbing alcohol to return them to their original grip.

GirlyGoGarters® can be hand-washed or put in the washing machine on the delicate cycle. GlitzyGoGarters® must ONLY be hand-washed - never put in the washing machine. Also, NEVER put any of our garters in the dryer, as this will ruin the patented grippers.

As with any beaded garment, beads may occasionally fall off the GlitzyGoGarter® from time to time with regular wear.  This is normal and not preventable, though careful care and hand-washing will minimize the loss.  


We ship all over the world, via USPS, FedEX, DHL, and UPS.

USPS First Class (international and domestic) is not trackable, insured or guaranteed. We cannot refund you if you select this option and do not receive your package. Use this shipping option at your own risk.


If you select USPS as your shipping provider, please understand that the U.S. Post Office does not guarantee estimated ship times. Please allow up to 48 hours processing time before your items are shipped. These 1-2 days are in addition to the estimated days to delivery given by the shipping provider.

NOTICE: Shipping is taking longer than usual these days via ALL METHODS, so please keep that in mind when you place your order.  Both the U.S. Postal Service and private carriers expect shipping delays right now.  We'll get your items shipped as quickly as possible, but we unfortunately can't control how quickly shipping services can get your items to your doorstep.  We've been getting reports of items marked as "delivered" 24-48 hours before they actually arrive.  Again, we don't have control over this leg of the delivery (pardon the pun!), but if you don't receive your items within a few days of their delivery date, please let us know.


For orders outside North America, it may take up to 6 weeks to receive your order, depending on the customs procedures of the receiving country.  We are not responsible for extra customs charges you are asked to pay by your home country.  We do our best to help reduce the chance you will have to pay anything extra, but we cannot control what actually happens at your country's customs office. 

USPS First Class International is not trackable, insured or guaranteed. We cannot refund you if you select this option and do not receive your package. Use this shipping option at your own risk.


How to pay with Klarna

Learn all about paying in 4 interest-free installments with zero fees, using Klarna at checkout here: https://girlygogarter.com/pages/klarna

30-Day money-back guarantee and return policy

Andy and all of us at Andy Paige Style, Inc. are committed to providing the highest quality products and the best customer service around. Each GirlyGoGarter® is constructed with materials hand-picked by Andy for comfort, style, and durability. We want you to be 100% thrilled with your purchase. If for any reason you aren't, we will gladly accept exchanges of color/size of unworn, unwashed garters, or provide a full refund for defective products, within 30 days of receipt (confirmed by tracking).

Follow these steps to return or exchange your purchase.

If you experience a delay in shipping, please contact us within 30 days. UPS does not keep shipment tracking records past 30 days, so if you do not receive your shipment or your shipment is damaged, please contact us within 30 days, and we will be happy to help.

Contact Customer Service, and we will be happy to take care of you.

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