• Give every outfit a pocket.

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Give every outfit a pocket.

Let us carry your stuff.

Never lose your phone again.

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She who has the pockets has the power.

Women's clothing is often severely lacking in the pocket department.  For years, we've been keeping our valuables in our bras when purses were impractical - and bras are not meant for that.  You deserve pockets, so we made some.

Our GirlyGoGarter® is the only product of its kind that features gorgeous lace, comfy microfiber, and patented GentleFlex™ grippers to hold up to three pounds of your stuff.  Nothing falls out or slips down, you can leave your purse at home, and you'll never lose your phone or keys again - guaranteed.


Reviews from real customers

My dog decided he wanted to go for a run around the block, so he did.... without me. Luckily, I was ready to go right before that, wearing my garter under my sundress with my phone in it. Running at top speed, it never budged! :)

Chrissy Macklem

Reviews from real customers

Just got my GGG in to wear for my wedding! Tested it out this weekend, and it holds my insulin pump perfectly! It never even budged the whole night! Great idea! I'll be wearing it under all my dresses now!!

Bre Lowe

Reviews from real customers

Guys. You need this. The Girly Go Garter : a hands-free purse you can wear on your leg! Holds up to 3 lbs. Stays up, holds everything safely, looks awesome - kinda sexy. I forgot I had it on!

Julia R.

Reviews from real customers

As an insulin pump wearer, I am thrilled! I started wearing dresses and have been frustrated with what to do with my pump. Now I have my go-to. If I lay it under the lace only, I can press buttons while it's on, so I am thrilled, thrilled, thrilled!

Julie P.

Reviews from real customers

I love my Girly Go Garter so much I've now gifted one each to 5 of my girlfriends! Great for moms who need to be hands free, football games, traveling in NYC... You need this in your life. You will love it! I am a 0-2 fit, and the small size is perfect.

Stephanie White-Carter

The GirlyGoGarter® has gotten some attention, not gonna lie.


Check out how much stuff inventor and CEO Andy Paige fits into her GirlyGoGarter®


#1 Best New Product & Product of The Year, featured at the Oscars® and the Emmys®


Andy invented a new silicone polymer that holds pounds of weight without slipping or hurting your skin.


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