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FREE Chapter 1 - Style On A Shoestring (audiobook)

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Style On A Shoestring by Andy Paige - audiobook!

Listen as the style expert from TLC's "Ten Years Younger" - with sweet Southern charm, big-city sophistication and hilarious wit! - teaches you how to:

  • Make inexpensive clothes look designer
  • Discover when to shop for the best bargains
  • Reinvent what you already own
  • Find the perfect jeans, bra - and even the dreaded bathing suit - for your body type and budget
  • Choose the right colors to minimize figure flaws and showcase the good stuff
  • Create spellbinding style with penny-pinching panache!

Who says you have to spend a fortune to look like a million?

**FREE SAMPLE: Chapter 1**


FREE Chapter 1 - Style On A Shoestring (audiobook)

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