Holiday Gift-giving: Don't Spend Days Shopping and Don't Bother With Gift Lists

Holiday Gift-giving: Don't Spend Days Shopping and Don't Bother With Gift Lists

Here's how:

It’s shopping season!  Time to contemplate the perfect gift for everyone on your list as well as hit the stores to gather necessities for holiday festivities and fun. It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  And also one of the most stressful...

For the last few years, I've been approaching holiday gift-giving in a radically different way.  In the past, I would maintain a massive list of everyone I needed to buy for, gift ideas for each person, their clothing sizes, their favorite colors, current interests... it was madness.  I gave great gifts, but it was expensive, time-sucking and exhausting, emotionally and physically.  I knew there had to be a better way, and a few years ago, I found it. 

Now, when the holidays come around, I maintain my sanity and relish the opportunity to give everyone on my list my favorite “find” of the year.  I find ONE item that made my life a little better, solved a problem, generated daily smiles and/or was generally so all-around fabulous that I felt excited to share it with those I love. 

Literally, I buy one or two items in bulk and share my problem-solver/fabulous gift with everyone on my list. My loved ones get a great gift that they really use, and i get to relax and enjoy the giving (instead of focusing on shopping, choosing, stressing and doubting).

Genius, right?

The key, however, is that the ONE gift you give has to be really, really cool.  So instead of being challenged by gift-list organizational strategies and picking three dozen different gifts, my holiday challenge is now finding that one item that my friends and family both haven't seen before and will definitely use.  It's a fun game to play - WAY more fun than going from store to store, just trying to find everyone *something* that they won't hate.

If you love this simplified approach to gifting, my humble opinion is that there's no better gift than the GirlyGoGarter®.  I get that might seem self-serving, because, well, I invented it.  But, seriously - it passes the really, really cool test and your loved ones are likely to find it awesomely useful, from the moment they put it on!

GirlyGoGarter Best Gift Idea for Her

This incredible gadget allows you to ditch your handbag and WEAR your essentials on your leg in a secure, comfortable pocketed garter.  The GirlyGoGarter® adheres to your skin with special, patented grippers that prevent slippage and allow you to carry up to three pounds.  Nothing falls out, even while dancing or jogging (really and truly!  We tested it with professional beach volleyball players and the Rockettes!)  

I carry 2 large cell phones, my wallet, cosmetics, passport, keys, and more in my beautiful garter, and it tucks just underneath my hemline.  I find I wear more dresses and skirts now, because I hate carrying a purse, and the GirlyGoGarter® gives every dress an instant set of useful pockets.  

Let’s face it, who hasn’t wished for the "quadrifecta" of simultaneously not carrying anything around in your hands, also not having a bag on your shoulder, also not having your stuff crammed in your pockets, and ALSO not having to leave anything important at home or in your car?  It's a busy woman's dream. 

No matter your age or stage of life, there are times you just don’t want to carry a purse.  Think about concerts, festivals, weddings, Halloween, graduation, prom, vacation, cruising, Vegas... just about everything is more fun when you don't have a bag to remember, or carry around, or forget on the back of your chair at the restaurant.

And talking about holiday shopping season - the GirlyGoGarter® is the best shopping companion you’ll ever have.  You don’t have to worry about leaving your purse in the shopping cart, or being weighed down by a shoulder bag and shopping bags.  Plus there is such a freedom in not worrying about pick-pockets or thieves targeting you while you’re shopping. No handbags to snatch or purses to riffle through when you’re not looking.  It's truly liberating.

So when it comes to making the best of this year’s shopping season, consider both giving the GirlyGoGarter® and using the GirlyGoGarter® to make your shopping days (and party days!) easier.  It's one of the most unique, useful and beautiful pieces of wearable tech out there - I know your loved ones will love it.