National Diabetes Awareness Month

National Diabetes Awareness Month

November is National Diabetes Awareness month and I wanted to take the opportunity to shine a light on a disease that effects over 30 million Americans (nearly 1 in 10, if you’re keeping count).

Type-1 Diabetes is a chronic autoimmune condition that occurs when the body’s own immune system attacks and destroys the insulin-producing beta cells of the pancreas. This attack leaves the pancreas with little or no ability to produce insulin, which is a hormone that regulates blood sugar. Because the pancreas can’t produce insulin, sugar stays in the blood and can cause serious, life-threatening damage to organ systems.

People with Type-1 diabetes must inject or pump insulin into their bodies every day to carefully regulate blood sugar and stay alive. A Type-1 diabetic is insulin-dependent for life. It's not something you grow out of, it’s not contagious, it’s not preventable, and unfortunately it’s not curable, either... yet.

My education and understanding of the Type-1 world has expanded tremendously, as diabetics around the globe have fallen in love with the GirlyGoGarter®.  Folks who wear insulin pumps are often plagued by the need for a comfortable, secure way to conceal those pesky medical devices.  Most insulin pumps are carried on waist bands, in pants pockets, or attached to bras, but imagine for a moment the difficulty of figuring out what to do with a pump on your wedding day, prom night, graduation or Halloween? Type-1 pump-wearers in the past were restricted in their wardrobe choices and often had to have pockets sewn into dresses or costumes to make special occasions and certain outfits even possible.

The GirlyGoGarter® is a fantastic solution for the Type-1 diabetic community. We feel the love from pump-wearers everywhere, who share photos and send emails, letting us know how the GirlyGoGarter® has offered new wardrobe options and made them feel both sexier and safer.

When I created the GirlyGoGarter® to hold mic-packs for television and film almost a decade ago, I would have never dreamed it would offer medical relief to millions of people worldwide.  Our little company is thrilled beyond measure to offer a solution that makes having a lifelong medical condition just a little easier.

In honor of this month, we'd just like to say that we have mad respect for Type-1s, living with the constant demands of calculations, preparedness and threat of harm. You are silent warriors, fighting a never-ending battle for your health and well-being, and we salute your strength.  We're so proud to be able to help you carry your stuff.