The 5 Senses Valentine's Day Gift Idea

The 5 Senses Valentine's Day Gift Idea

Nothing says *love* and shows thoughtfulness like a bundle of Valentine's gifts that target EACH of the 5 senses of your loved one.

The 5 senses gift idea has become very popular and is without question one of the most fun concepts in gift-giving. Sight, Sound, Smell, Touch and Taste are the inspiration for your gift bundle. The gifts do not need to be expensive, and creativity is sure to get you extra credit.

Our GirlyGoGarter® (the only sexy, pocketed garter that can carry as much as a purse) has 5 easy-access pockets, as well as 5 lock-flap pockets, and makes a creative holder for each of your 5 senses gifts. How fabulous, right?

Load each pocket of our garter with a gift for the senses, such as:

Sight - movie tickets, cosmetics, jewelry, sunglasses or folding readers

Sound - AirPods, guitar picks, an iTunes gift card, concert tickets or lyrics to a song

Smell - perfume, a small scented candle, car air freshener, essential oils or incense cones

Touch - a gift certificate for a spa treatment, massage, hand cream, dance lesson or a manicure/pedicure

Taste - favorite chocolate bar, Altoids, flask, Starbucks card or menu for a special dinner

When it comes down to it, this romantic gift idea says, "I want to please you in every way possible…including carrying your stuff so you don’t have to lug a purse!"

We wish you beauties the best Valentine's Day ever.  Enjoy!